MPEG-2 Channels List July, 2020

Here you can find all the latest and updated MPEG-2 channels available on KU Band on satellite G-Sat 15 located at 93.5° East. Presently there are 139 MPEG-2 TV channels available on G-Sat 15 satellite in which 90 channels are from DD Free Dish, 33 Educational channels are from Swayam Prabha (MHRD) TV and 17 Educational channels are from Vande Gujarat TV.

These list will be updated as and when channels are added and removed from the satellite G-Sat 15 at 93.5° East.

Channel No.ChannelNameFormatChannel CategoryStatus
1DD NewsMPEG2 VideoNews
2DD NationalMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
3DD RetroMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
4DD KisanMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
5Zee Anmol MPEG2 VideoHindi GECAdded on 10-06-2020
6DD BanglaMPEG2 VideoRegional
7DD ChandanaMPEG2 VideoRegional
8DD GirnarMPEG2 VideoRegional
9DD KashirMPEG2 VideoRegional
10ABZY MoviesMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
11DD ArunprabhaMPEG2 VideoRegional
12B4U MoviesMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
13Aaj Tak TezMPEG2 VideoNews
15DHINCHAAK MPEG2 VideoHindi MoviesAdded on 27-05-2020
16Big Magic GangaMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
17DD MeghalayaMPEG2 VideoDD State
18DD ManipurMPEG2 VideoDD State
19Manoranjan GrandMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
20DD OriyaMPEG2 VideoRegional
21DD PodhigaiMPEG2 VideoRegional
22DD PunjabiMPEG2 VideoRegional
23DD SahyadriMPEG2 VideoRegional
24DD YadagiriMPEG2 VideoRegional
25DD MalayalamMPEG2 VideoRegional
26Lok SabhaMPEG2 VideoNews
27Rajya SabhaMPEG2 VideoNews
28Shemaroo TVMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
29DangalMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
30Bhojpuri CinemaMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
31Zee BiskopeMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
32ABZY CoolMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
33Star Utsav MPEG2 VideoHindi GECAdded on 10-06-2020
34Surya CinemaMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
35DD NagalandMPEG2 VideoDD State
36DD TripuraMPEG2 VideoDD State
37Sony Pal MPEG2 VideoHindi GECAdded on 10-06-2020
38CINEPLEX MPEG2 VideoHindi MoviesAdded on 05-06-2020
39Movie PlusMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
40DD SaptgiriMPEG2 VideoRegional
41Colors Rishtey MPEG2 VideoHindi GECAdded on 10-06-2020
42B4U BhojpuriMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
43Manoranjan TVMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
44TV9 BharatvarshMPEG2 VideoNews
45DD UPMPEG2 VideoRegional
46DabanggMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
47DD MPMPEG2 VideoRegional
48Zee Anmol Cinema MPEG2 VideoHindi MoviesAdded on 10-06-2020
49NDTV IndiaMPEG2 VideoNews
50Surya BhojpuriMPEG2 VideoBhojpuri
51Enterr-10MPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
52DD North EastMPEG2 VideoRegional
53DD MizoramMPEG2 VideoDD State
54DD ChhattisgarhMPEG2 VideoDD State
55Big MagicMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
56News18 IndiaMPEG2 VideoNews
579XMMPEG2 VideoMusic
58Maha MovieMPEG2 VideoHindi Movies
59Zee HindustanMPEG2 VideoNews
60DD BharatiMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
61DD UrduMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
62MastiiiMPEG2 VideoMusic
63B4U MusicMPEG2 VideoMusic
64India TVMPEG2 VideoNews
65News NationMPEG2 VideoNews
66News 24MPEG2 VideoNews
67Republic BharatMPEG2 VideoNews
68Aaj TakMPEG2 VideoNews
69ABP NewsMPEG2 VideoNews
70Zee NewsMPEG2 VideoNews
71DD UttarakhandMPEG2 VideoDD State
72ZEE PunjabiMPEG2 VideoRegional
73Manoranjan MoviesMPEG2 VideoRegional
74B4U KadakMPEG2 VideoRegional
75Sadhna BhaktiMPEG2 VideoDevotional
76DD RajasthanMPEG2 VideoRegional
77DD SportsMPEG2 VideoSports
78DD BiharMPEG2 VideoRegional
79DD JharkhandMPEG2 VideoDD State
80Test_508MPEG2 VideoTest
81Maha PunjabiMPEG2 VideoRegional
82Test 510MPEG2 VideoTest
83ZingMPEG2 VideoMusic
84DD IndiaMPEG2 VideoHindi GEC
85Lord BuddhaMPEG2 VideoDevotional
86MTV BeatsMPEG2 VideoMusic
87Fakt MarathiMPEG2 VideoRegional
88MarathibanaMPEG2 VideoRegional
109VANDE GUJ 1MPEG2 VideoEducational
110VANDE GUJ 2MPEG2 VideoEducational
111VANDE GUJ 3MPEG2 VideoEducational
112VANDE GUJ 4MPEG2 VideoEducational
113VANDE GUJ 5MPEG2 VideoEducational
114VANDE GUJ 6MPEG2 VideoEducational
115VANDE GUJ 7MPEG2 VideoEducational
116VANDE GUJ 8MPEG2 VideoEducational
117VANDE GUJ 9MPEG2 VideoEducational
118VANDE GUJ 10MPEG2 VideoEducational
119VANDE GUJ 11MPEG2 VideoEducational
120VANDE GUJ 12MPEG2 VideoEducational
121VANDE GUJ 13MPEG2 VideoEducational
122VANDE GUJ 14MPEG2 VideoEducational
123VANDE GUJ 15MPEG2 VideoEducational
124VANDE GUJ 16MPEG2 VideoEducational
125DigishalaMPEG2 VideoEducational
126MHRD 1MPEG2 VideoEducational
127MHRD 2MPEG2 VideoEducational
128MHRD 3MPEG2 VideoEducational
129MHRD 4MPEG2 VideoEducational
130MHRD 5MPEG2 VideoEducational
131MHRD 6MPEG2 VideoEducational
132MHRD 7MPEG2 VideoEducational
133MHRD 8MPEG2 VideoEducational
134MHRD 9MPEG2 VideoEducational
135MHRD 10MPEG2 VideoEducational
136MHRD 11MPEG2 VideoEducational
137MHRD 12MPEG2 VideoEducational
138MHRD 13MPEG2 VideoEducational
139MHRD 14MPEG2 VideoEducational
140MHRD 15MPEG2 VideoEducational
141MHRD 16MPEG2 VideoEducational
142MHRD 33MPEG2 VideoEducational
143MHRD 17MPEG2 VideoEducational
144MHRD 18MPEG2 VideoEducational
145MHRD 19MPEG2 VideoEducational
146MHRD 20MPEG2 VideoEducational
147MHRD 21MPEG2 VideoEducational
148MHRD 22MPEG2 VideoEducational
149MHRD 23MPEG2 VideoEducational
150MHRD 24MPEG2 VideoEducational
151MHRD 25MPEG2 VideoEducational
152MHRD 26MPEG2 VideoEducational
153MHRD 27MPEG2 VideoEducational
154MHRD 28MPEG2 VideoEducational
155MHRD 29MPEG2 VideoEducational
156MHRD 30MPEG2 VideoEducational
157MHRD 31MPEG2 VideoEducational
158MHRD 32MPEG2 VideoEducational
159DIGISHALAMPEG2 VideoEducational