DD Saptgiri Today's Program Guide

List updated as on Tuesday, 30 March, 2021, 07:52PM.
TimingsDurationProgram NameProgram Description
30-03-2021 09:00AM01:00:00NyayavedikaA lawyer gives suggestions to the viewers on how to tackle legal wrangles.
30-03-2021 10:00AM00:30:00Sri AnnamacharyaA pious man goes through various struggles while writing songs praising Lord Venkateswara.
30-03-2021 10:30AM00:30:00Meet Mr. AnjanyeuluMeet Mr. Anjanyeulu
30-03-2021 11:00AM01:00:00Career GuideCareer experts offer guidance for students upon how to choose a suitable career.
30-03-2021 12:00PM00:15:00Ek Bharat Shreshtha BharatPunjab: Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat is an initiative to improve cultural connection in India.
30-03-2021 12:15PM00:15:00Tarane PuraneHindi Film Songs: A playlist comprising the best and the most melodious songs from Hind movies.
30-03-2021 12:30PM00:30:00AdbutahaAdbutaha
30-03-2021 01:00PM00:30:00Vartalu LiveVartalu Live
30-03-2021 01:30PM00:30:00Vivaha BandhamVivaha Bandham
30-03-2021 02:00PM00:30:00MuhurthabalamMuhurthabalam
30-03-2021 02:30PM00:30:00Katamaraju KathaluKatamaraju Kathalu
30-03-2021 03:00PM01:00:00Andariki AarogyamA medical expert sheds light on various concerns raised by the viewers.
30-03-2021 04:00PM00:30:00Velugu NeedaluA portrayal of the middle-class family lives as the couples go about their daily routine.
30-03-2021 04:30PM00:30:00Veyi PadagaluA man and his family witness the disappearance of tradition and values in their village.
30-03-2021 05:00PM00:30:00Chinni Chinni AasaChinni Chinni Aasa
30-03-2021 05:30PM00:30:00Movie - ParipoornaMovie - Paripoorna
30-03-2021 06:00PM01:00:00PasidipantaluThe host talks about the latest tools, methods and technology used in agriculture.
30-03-2021 07:00PM00:30:00Vartalu LiveVartalu Live
30-03-2021 07:30PM00:30:00MuhurthabalamMuhurthabalam
30-03-2021 08:00PM00:30:00Katamaraju KathaluKatamaraju Kathalu
30-03-2021 08:30PM01:00:00Career GuideCareer experts offer guidance for students upon how to choose a suitable career.
30-03-2021 09:30PM00:30:00Vartalu LiveVartalu Live
30-03-2021 10:00PM01:30:00Movie - Bhimeswara PuramMovie - Bhimeswara Puram
30-03-2021 11:30PM00:30:00Sahitya KaryakramamThe host sheds light on the lives of various artists from Telugu literature.