DD National Today's Program Guide

List updated as on Tuesday, 30 March, 2021, 07:52PM.
TimingsDurationProgram NameProgram Description
30-03-2021 10:30AM01:00:00Band KaliyanDrama. Band Kaliyan
30-03-2021 11:30AM00:30:00Kyunki... Jeena Isi Ka Naam HaiE132. A few brave residents of a village stand up against the atrocities of an evil man.
30-03-2021 12:00PM00:30:00Dharti Ki Goad MeinE76. Dharti Ki Goad Mein Repeat - Fri 12:00 am
30-03-2021 12:30PM00:30:00Albeli Kahani Pyar KiE70. A free-spirited village girl struggles to adjust to her new lifestyle after marriage.
30-03-2021 01:00PM00:30:00Siya RamE12. Sia wishes to wed a man with Lord Rama's values. But fate has something radical in store.
30-03-2021 01:30PM00:30:00Mangalsutra Ek MaryadaE58. An IPS officer tries prove her husband's innocence when he is framed for a crime. Repeat - Mon - Wed 12:30 am
30-03-2021 02:00PM00:30:00Sukanya Hamari BetiyanE05. Aakansha, who wants to become an IAS officer, follows the path of her principled father.
30-03-2021 02:30PM00:30:00Hari Mirchi Lal MirchiE42. Rohan faces trouble as he is trapped between his nagging wife and an indifferent ex-wife.
30-03-2021 03:00PM01:00:00Jo Kahunga Sach KahungaTalk Show. The host invites a panel of experts and leaders to discuss current events.
30-03-2021 04:00PM00:30:00Gauri Tera Gaon Bada PyaraE103. Gauri Tera Gaon Bada Pyara Repeat - Tue - Wed 2:30 am
30-03-2021 04:30PM00:30:00Purvai Ek Nayi AashaE77. A poor girl from a rural village aspires to become an agronomist to help the farmers.
30-03-2021 05:00PM00:30:00NargisE93. Nargis shatters her parents' dreams when she marries against their wish.
30-03-2021 05:30PM00:30:00Yahan Ke Hum SikandarE34. Two siblings experience the joys and sorrows of friendships in a big-city college.
30-03-2021 06:00PM01:00:00ShaktimaanE256. A superhero uses his supernatural powers to fight evil in order to maintain peace.
30-03-2021 07:00PM00:30:00Sankat Mochan HanumanE187. A pandit tells a group of villagers about the life story of Lord Hanuman.
30-03-2021 07:30PM00:30:00Sankat Mochan HanumanE188. A pandit tells a group of villagers about the life story of Lord Hanuman.
30-03-2021 08:00PM01:00:00Sai Baba Ke Hazaron HaathSai Baba, a venerable saint, goes on a benevolent quest to help people. Repeat - Mon - Tue 8:00 am
30-03-2021 09:00PM01:00:00Jai Mata KiE74. Jai Mata Ki Repeat - Tue 9:00 am
30-03-2021 10:00PM00:30:00Krantijyoti Savitribai PhuleE74. An interviewer makes it her aim to learn all about the iconic Savitribai Phule.
30-03-2021 10:30PM00:30:00Ready Hai RampuraE21. Ready Hai Rampura
30-03-2021 11:00PM01:00:00Yeh HawayeinE51. Resham, a jinn possessing supernatural powers, falls in love with Shahid, a human.