DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

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DD DIRECT+ now known as DD Free Dish is a free Direct-To-Home (DTH) service that provides satellite television and audio programming to households and businesses in the Indian subcontinent. Owned by parent company Doordarshan. DD Free Dish was launched by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India on December 16, 2004. Satellite Earth Station for uplink of signals has been setup at Delhi. The high power Ku-band transponders of Indian Satellite INSAT-4B at 93.5º East are being used for hosting the DD Free Dish services.

For using DD Free Dish you don’t need to pay any monthly fees or annual fees to receive the subscription i.e., the service is completely free  but you should know that you need to pay one time subscription of Rs.3,000/- for Dish Antenna, Set-Top Box and installation to enjoy the benefits of Free DTH service by Doordarshan.

Presently the DD Free Dish is using 4 Ku-band transponders in MPEG-2, DVB-S stream for telecasting 64 TV channels (containing both Doordarshan and private channels) & 24 Radio channels in MPEG-2 format and in the future going to use the two new MPEG-4, DVB-S2 stream to telecast 48 TV channels (presently containing test channels) in MPEG-4 format & 16 Radio channels, which can be received throughout India on Free-to Air (FTA) basis by consumers.

Below is the Downlink parameters of DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) DTH service on INSAT-4B & G-Sat 15 at 93.5º East.

FrequencyPolarisationSymbol RateFECStandard / Modulation
11090Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11170Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11470Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11510Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11550Horizontal295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11550Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11590Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK
11630Vertical300003/5DVB-S2 / 8PSK
11670Vertical295003/4DVB-S / QPSK