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Sanskar channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)


Sanskar channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

Sanskar channel slot is replaced with Test 402 channel.

Sanskar channel is removed from channel no.50.

Sanskar channel is removed from 11510, V, 29500.

* Updated *
1) TEST402 () 11510, V, 29500 Channel Name(“Sanskar”=>”TEST402”)


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  1. कृपया करके संस्कार, आस्था, आस्था भजन आदि आध्यत्मिक चैनल बंद न करें ।

    कृपया इन्हें फिर से चालू करें ।

  2. Dear Sir, please start aasta & sanskar channel, my mother is breathing because of this,

  3. Sir religious channel hi to tv pr all family k sath dekh sakte h.warna baki to sb desh ko kalyug ko big kr rahe h.
    Please added all religious channel.

  4. Its ridiculous to see almost all free to air religious channel removed from free to home DD list. We urge the DD admin to add all religious channels that were earlier there.

  5. भगवती प्रसाद सारस्वा खारड़ा (बीकानेर)

    जय जय श्री राम
    जय श्री कृष्ण

    आदरणीय दूरदर्शन महानिदेशक..
    आपसे निवेदन है कि आस्था भजन ,आस्था live, संस्कार ,दिशा वृंदा ,सत्संग चेनल का प्रशारण कीजिए, क्योंकि इनके बिना कोई काम की नही , देहात(गाँवो) में इन चेनलों की काफी मांग है बूढ़े-बुजर्गों को अपने धर्म के प्रति आस्था को घ्यान में रखते हुवे धार्मिक चेनलों को वापस चालू करने का कष्ट करें आपकी अति कृपया होगी ।।
    भगवान आपका भला करेगा

    dd free dish tv

    जय श्री राम

  6. Really this was devastating decision to withdraw such spiritual channels from DD Direct. This will impact mass people living in rural areas. I am totally disappointed with this act.Atleast add Astha and Sanskar channel, this is my very very humble request.

  7. sir sanskr kab se vapis chlu hoga

  8. Removal of religious / ethnic channel which has been giving easy access to the poor as well as others to the moral / spiritual lesson/programs is inappropriate and value of free dish has reduced remarkably low for people like me who has been loving free dish as well those channels prominently. I hope any spiritual channel at least one must be added.

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