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NHK World channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

NHK World channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

NHK World channel slot is replaced with Teleshop TV channel.

NHK World channel is removed from channel no.61.

NHK World channel is removed from 11510, V, 29500.

* Updated *
1) TELESHOP TV  () 11510, V, 29500  Channel Name(“NHK WORLD”=>”TELESHOP TV”)


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  1. Why removed NHk world on DD direct plus? It’s very knowledge full channel for us we hoped it start very shortly.

  2. Plz dd free dish, plz bring NHK world tv again. Plz its very important Chanel for us.
    plz plz plz…

  3. Sir please add nhk and dw channel.

  4. After knowing that DD Free Dish is transmitting DW TV, France24, NHK World and ABC I gladly invested in the set up with the hope that such informative channels would continue to be transmitted and may be new informative international channels like these may be added to the DD Free Dish in future. However, my exitement was shortlived and all these four channels were removed one by one. Now only international channel available is Russia Today which I do not like very much. Most of the channels on DD Free dish are not worth watching except some news channels and music channels. I request authorities to restore these channels so that people putting their hard earned money on these systems can watch something worthwhile

  5. Why DW German Channel and NHK channel removed? Rather than improving the content DD DTH is decreasing it. DD not providing good content.

  6. I am begging u authorities please rebring the dw abc and nhk ,,or otherwise i will through ur setop box in dump
    i am also generating the page on facebook about ur bad decisions that u have taken ,,,god knows what us ur manifesto

  7. Nhk world good chanal it was informativ chanal please restored in DTH.

  8. Please add nhk world

  9. dd direct is a Trash without NHK. Please Please Please add the channel again. This channel not only give technical information but a peace of mind.

    1. Please bring Back NHK world TV on DD free dish

  10. Please add NHK WORLD

  11. one of the best channel was NHK world , you have added waste channels of ad, teleshopping etc, dont know why, but still there is a saying , some don’t have brain and sone dont have courage to over come there weakness.

  12. Nhk world is a really good channel. It programmed a lot of new and strangely cool things. Please add it back

  13. NHK world channel is very very good, we are watching the channel daily with my family. please please add the channel immediately, its my area people requesting also.


    Really miss NHK WORLD. GR8 Chann l for Indian youth. We want it back as it gave gr8 technological ideas which are necessary to build gr8 India.

  15. Why removed NHK ? one of best informative channel…. Please add again….

  16. Sir please add nhk world channel,… I want that chaanel… I am too ready to pay for that channel

  17. raghavendra raikar

    Please restore NHK world, it is the only channel which I watch most,great documentary programs.

  18. NHK World was one of the best channels in DD Direct Plus. We fervently request NHK World and DD Direct Plus to restore it in DD Direct Plus without any more delay. Please respect your viewers wishes.
    — S Mazumdar

  19. Very good documentaries aired in NHK World. Channel should be restored back.

  20. People like to watch Japan’s culture and Technologies, so kindly restore this channel soon.

    Thank you…

  21. NHK WORLD को पन:add किया जाए। क्योंकि discovery channel जैसे प्रोग्राम प्रसारित करता है।नये –
    जानकारी मिलती है।

  22. Please Restore NHK World. Its a wonderful channel and my whole family has been watching it since long .Please bring it back.

  23. NHK is a best channel. Why did you remove it..?

  24. Why nhk removed ???????

  25. It was very scientific & informative channel.

  26. For 50% of the tv watching my family see NHK and DW channels. I don’t understand why they have removed NHK channel. 80% of the channels are simply transmitting nonsense. Only few of the channels are really worth seeing and NHK is obviously one of them. so please restore the transmission of NHK programs.

  27. Please restore nhk world TV channel it is very good informative news channel. I used to watch everyday.

  28. what is the reason…to remove NHK from this network…..world’s best chanel….
    two months back SVBC, ABN AAndhra jyothi (telugu),BHAKTHI, and CCTV, AlZajira, TravelXp are also transmit through DD Direct plus…suddenly stops the above mentioned chanels…..and now NHK…worst network of DD Direct+..there is index of proper transmit chanels..irregularity…
    Also our telugu Saptagiri and Yadgiri also ..worst chanels..there is no sync of audio and video of the programs…all are old and poor quality programs are transmit….WORST PROGRAMS….

  29. NHK channel is the best channel.There is no Indian channel to compete with it its contents and presentation. I don’t understand the reason for its removal. To remove it is downright foolish and to replace it with rotten channel is the height of foolishness. You are depriving the dddirect TV viewers of an excellent TV channel.

  30. Please restore nhk world TV channel it’s were good and educative channel

  31. Why?Why was this channel removed?The channel I have been watching since8 years now 🙁 ..This channel had so many nice program s all through the week ..I am pretty sure there is a large audience here in India of this channel ..someone please pass on this message to NHK guys or to the some relevant authority and let this channel be restored again ..I have kind of lost peace since they stopped transmitting this channel since a week ago ..I kept wondering if this was a technical glitch and now my worst fear has been confirmed ..is someone listening to us?..or do I need to relocate to Japan?

    1. NHK is available on TataSky Channel 541. But now you have to pay for it.

  32. NHK was very good and informative channel. Please add this channel in DD direct

  33. plese restore nhk world ………..plz plz plz ,it was very informative channel plz bring nhk back …its our humbel request.
    From ALL the NHK viewers.

  34. Dear sir.
    Please add nhk world TV channel on dd freedish.
    Best regards

  35. NHK World is very important. Please add this channel

  36. Quite strange nhk the only best channel has been removed

  37. sir publictv kannada no signal pls give me any suggetion……..& give me morekannada channels
    Sir how to receive test channels
    Why remove Nhk world



  39. Wrong decision, please add nhk world channel immediately it’s wrong decision

  40. Why?? why? why?? why has NHK World been removed? educational channels r so few in DD Free dish that viewers especially children n teens resort to watch entertainment channels. Amidst all those NHK world n DW TV stand out for their great content n cultural diversities. Programs like Somewhere Street gave us a glimpse of the otherwise far from our reach world. Whereas wonderful stories from Kabuki Kool were strangely interesting. NHK Docu. only added that Japan’s cultural heritage is truely rich. So as an Indian it was great to taste those. I would like to request the concerned uthorities to please, please bring it back.

  41. there is no regularity to transmit the channels…poor audio quality of some chanels, DD National HD is not available in FTA network,,,,completely irregularity , negligence of DD authority..irresponsibility…why remove NHK from 9th april…no reason…no index of chanels list…

  42. sir pls add atleast one tamil news channel at free dth because in free dth availablity of tamil news channel become null in the other regions like hindi there are lot of news,music,movie,channel become added by dd free dish day by day and my question why you dont concentrate on tamil language so kindly add atleast one tamil news channel

  43. NHK World Very good channel and informative channel I don’t know why it is removed

    1. Yes, I also like this channel very much.

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