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Fakt Marathi channel added on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

Good news for DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) users, Fakt Marathi channel added on Doordarshan Free Dish DTH Platform. Fakt Marathi channel is available on DD Free Dish on channel no.79. Fakt Marathi channel has replaced TV Test 515 channel slot on Frequency – 11550, V, 29500 and is added in MPEG-2 format.

Fakt Marathi is 24×7 Marathi Movies television channel. Fakt Marathi was formerly known as Aapla Talkies.

The technical details of Fakt Marathi channel is as below.

For LNB Frequency 9750, use the below details to tune.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
11550 Vertical 29500 OFF

For LNB Frequency 5150, use the below details to tune.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
3350 Vertical 29500 OFF



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  1. pliz sar fakt marathi channel add to dd free dish pliz sar

  2. Pliz add fakt marathi channel dd free dish par pliz

  3. shubham lokhande

    channels ki janakari to de diye par add kaise karna ye procedure to likho

  4. Are Bhai Maharashtra ka 1 to marathi news channel rakho na…
    1 channel nahi hai marathi news ka…

  5. Dnyaneshwar ambadas anawade

    Free dish वर अनेक मराठी चॅनल असतील या उद्देशाने rechargeble सेट टॉप बॉक्स फेकून free dish घेतली, बघतो तर एकही मराठी news channel नाही.100℅ फसलो.

  6. Pls. Marathi movies channel add kara
    1. Fakt Marathi
    2. Mi marathi

  7. How to add Chitrapat marathi channel

  8. Not a single Marathi channel in last auto scan process.

  9. please
    add karo marathi channel

  10. why are you remove
    marathi channel

  11. Marathi channel sathi mahiti dya
    मराठी चँनलसाठी माहीती दयाल का

  12. marathi chanel zada add kara

  13. Hanuman Kundlik Godmale

    Good to watch marathi movie
    Sir, add “ZEE TALKIES”

  14. Sir saam tv Marathi bhi aad kara plz

  15. धन्‍यवाद सर मराठी चॅनेल्‍स सुरु करण्‍यासाठी आता वाटते पूर्ण चॅनेल्‍स डि.डि.डायरेक्‍ट प्‍लस डिश

  16. Well Done DD !!

    40% Hindi speaking population gets 100% additional channel
    60% Regional Language speaking population gets 0% additional channel

  17. I also support the view of south Indian said rightly, I see dddth only from starting and increase of Tamil channel is requested.

  18. Bakwass channels aur bakwass dish

  19. Thank you sir for Marathi channels. …

  20. Sir i am the user of free dish pls add atleast one tamil news channel in the hindi language lot of news channels are available but in tamil language no news channel available so add the tamil news channel in the Dish tv test channel sir

    1. @Vignesh, they won’t let other regional languages enter into the Free DD DTH platform in the name of bidding process.

      @DD :wondering whether MONEY is the only motive for DD Or serving the nation equally. i was under the impression that whole nation would be treated equally and served without any language basis when DD free dish was launched. All these days Hindi is the only language who have additional channels in the name of so called bidding process.It’s totally unfair to ignore and neglect the regional languages on the basis of MONEY motive.

  21. Add one Muslim TV channel

  22. Any south Indian channel added this time? South India Still neglected/ignored by DD ?

    1. @South Indian.. Lot of South Indian channels are coming from Dish TV FTA.

      1. @North Indian: Temporarily FTA is there today and mayn’t be there tomorrow. Whatever you get through DD is Fixed for a certain duration unlike Temporarily FTA.

    2. Hi bro Vignesh pls purchase mpeg-4 receiver u will get 40 change Tamil Kannada Telugu Malayalam channels .

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