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8 New Test Radio channels added on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

Good news for DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) users, 8 new Test Radio channels added on its DTH platform.

The below are the details of the 8 Test Radio channels.

* New *
1) TEST 107 () 11090, V, 29500 86% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
2) TEST 108 () 11090, V, 29500 86% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
3) TEST 207 () 11170, V, 29500 84% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
4) TEST 208 () 11170, V, 29500 84% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
5) TEST 307 () 11470, V, 29500 78% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
6) TEST 308 () 11470, V, 29500 78% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
7) Test Radio 407 () 11510, V, 29500 79% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
8) Test Radio 408 () 11510, V, 29500 79% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E


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  1. Bengali movie channel add please.

  2. Partha pratim Sen Sarma

    No Bangla channels are added in DD free dish except DD Bangla. Why we should not switch over to ABS free dish where there are many Bangla channels. State run organizations are busy with propaganda for Hindi in Independent India.

  3. I am disappointed that ddfreedish is not providing Tamil channels other than Podhigai and zee Tamil. Can you do some justice to provide more Tamil channels.

  4. please add a new gujarati news channel

    1. They won’t because Hindi rules India. All other languages can go to hell is DD, AIR and MIB’s policy

  5. Solid set-top box and the other hand is the best thing about the new one is the most important part time Jobs

  6. Sir iam the viewer of free dish in tamil language
    Puthiya thalaimurai
    News 7 tamil
    Sun News
    Jaya plus
    Kalaignar Seithigal
    Polimer News…etc
    many news channel become available but in our free dish availablity of news channel in tamil language become null in free dish but in other regions lot of news channel become available so pls take action to provide atleast one tamil news channel

    1. @Vignesh DD is no more people service media. It’s also moved towards business model.
      Dont expect justice from MONEY motive DD. DD is biased and favors Hindi clearly. DD completely discriminates,neglect and ignore Regional channel like Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam..etc.

      This is BIG injustice to regional language.

  7. dont worry Mr south Indian theres Abs 74.9e which covers all the south indian channels in its platform. only you have to do is just adjust your dd freedish dish 93.5 east to 74.9 by standing behind the dish. enjoy 60+channels and more to come in days to come

    1. why does regional people has to search satellite across world for their channel.

      GSAT-15 meant only for Hindi ??

      Can’t Hindi people get their channels from non indian satellite ?

      It’s very high time that DD has to stop favoring Hindi and realize that Hindi is the not only language in India.

      Wake up DD… wake up.. Stop injustice to the regional language.

      1. So the satellites that ISRO makes using our tax is mostly for Hindi? ISRO builds satellites in Bengaluru, Karnataka, South of North India. Yet, South of India gets a raw deal. Shame!

  8. It’s big surprise that too many radio channels there in DD free Dish while regional channels completely neglected and ignored.

    Are these channels really heard by someone. Wondering, who would listen radio on TV.

    Well Done DD !! for discriminating regional channels.

    1. Cant agree more. When will politicians from the Hindi belt realize that it was the imposition of Urdu on East Pakistan led to independence of Bangladesh and Sinhalese imposition on Tamils is the cause for conflict in Sri Lanka? Unity in diversity is just a catchy phrase. In reality it is just brutal imposition of Hindi culture on the rest of the country.

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