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Zee Tamizh channel New Frequency details on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

Zee Tamizh channel is now available on New Frequency details on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

Dish TV has changed the Symbol Rate of the Frequency 12595V from 40700 to 43200.

Below is the new technical details of Zee Tamizh channel.

Satellite: NSS 6 / SES 8 at 95.0° East
LNB Frequency: 10600 or Universal(9750-10600)
Frequency: 12595
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 43200
FEC: 7/8
22K: ON or Auto
Compression: MPEG-2/SD
Resolution: 576i
Encryption: FTA
Video-PID: 4017
Audio-PID: 4018 – tam
PCR-PID: 4017
SID: 33065



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  1. pls sir zee tamil channel nee frequency solluga sir

  2. sir actualy we r using coship dish model.if i using the number which u mentined in up.. the signal is coming. bt the display is not coming.. wt i have to do. thn it also hd 2 LNB freq number.wt i have to do? plz hlp me. (thank u sir in advance)

  3. Pls tel sir zee Tamil new frequencies no pls i am srilanka

  4. zee tamil showing no signal
    kindly help

  5. Sir,Zee Thamizh now showing no signal..i changed frequency and also changed polarity.it won’t come..

  6. Zee Tamil new frequency pls tell us

  7. What is the current frequency details of zee tamil channel.
    Pls tell us

  8. Sir I am not getting zee tamil since 8.1.17

  9. I am not getting zee tamil channel signals

  10. Sir,
    What are the zee tamizh parameters for dd free dish?

  11. Zee tamil showing no signal from today.

  12. Hai sir i am sp deva enaku appa illa amma tha chinnavaila iruthu valathaka so enaku dance aecting nall pannuve so enaku oru vaipu thanga sir plzs dance funtion killana siriyala ethavathu oru ceracktar thanga plzs sir na nalla pannuva sir plzs enaku appava ammava neenga tha irukanum plzs sir

  13. I have dd free dish connection
    And i have SWAROOP Set up box (Model No:H500)
    DD National aren’t showing &
    And how can i add 9x Bajao, Zee Anmol Cinema, 9x Jalwa
    Plz guide me

  14. kandasamy subramanian

    I am using NTSC input option for my SONY 55′ got from USA. I get all channels-video and AUDIO IS NOT COMING. Please Help

  15. Tamil srilanka chennal mpeg 2 receiver in frequncy number sir

  16. Iam used solid dish tv add new
    Zee Tamil number

  17. Dear Sathish Sir
    after setting new frequencies to get zeetamil channel it didnot comming.when i changed the polarity to H the signal rate entirely downing.please suggest any option to get this channel sir

  18. what is the latest frequency of zee tamil channel
    can u rply me

  19. thank u for ur reply, I will try today

  20. Sir
    01/02/2016 was zee tamil channel no signal service

  21. Mr. Sathish could you please tell us what is the settings for this channel ( zee tamizh ) now ?!
    I cant tune into this channel

  22. I didnot receive zeetamil tv fre. from 01/02/2016, If the freq. is changed tell me. or can i adjust the dish tell me what i can do to get the freq. thank u

  23. We are using free DTH. I’m not getting the channel itself in my channel list even with no signal. If it is present only know I can change frequency.. Plz help us to get ztamil channel

  24. hi sri lanka tamil channel please add

  25. Sir,

    Could you give the tamil TV channels list which are presently working in dddirectplus

    1. Will provide the details in the blog tomorrow.

  26. Dear Satishbhai,

    I am using DD freedish in Vadodara, Gujarat.
    Can you suggest me the dealer of HD set top box ?

    Chirag Chauhan.

  27. My set top box not receiving Tamil channels.I’m using melbon set top box I will tracking dish receiving only DD,HINDI Channels.what can I do kindle give me solutions.

  28. Sir நான் melbone dvb use panren .zee tamil channel varavilai. Sir new frequency set akamatenkuthu plz help me sir.matta ela fta channels varuthu sir

    1. Sir. Are you receiving Tamil channels,kalalgnartv,siripoli,murasutv,makkaltv,captaintv,vasanthtv,isaiaruvi.this channels are receiving your set top box.

  29. sir i just deleted the zee tamil channel by mistake i tied the new frequency but it is not coming it is coming as tv ch

    1. HI suji,have you gotten zee tamil channel?

  30. sir i just deleted the zee tamil channel by mistake i tied the new frequency but it is not coming it is coming as tv ch but it is not displaying laying as zee tamil what should i do now sir to watch zee tamil help me

  31. sir pls tamil news chanel

  32. Dear Friends,

    I have Melbon setup box. I am getting following tamil channels.
    Kalaingar, sirupoli, murasu, makkal tholaikatchi, vasanth, isaiaruvi. But i am not able to get zee tamil. Please can anybody give idea to adjust in my setup box to watch zee tamil.

    Thanks in advance

  33. Need hep Bro.. iam getting zee tamil but my video getting break . I have 68% signal but .. Pls help

  34. I adjusted sir,but I am getting only 32 or 33% signal quality only .Please help me

  35. I am not able to receive zee tamil channel signal even after changing the frequency from 40700 to 43200. I am getting all other channels but not zee tamil.Please help me

    1. Dear Pandy,

      Please check the above comments of Mr.Sacti sivagami and adjust your dish orientation as he mentioned, you will get Zee Tamizh channel.

      1. i adjusted sir, but getting all signals but not zee tamil signal. how to adjust it sir

      2. please reply sir

      3. Now I am getting 51% signal sir,But not able to get zee tamizh.Please tell me any solutions sir

      4. Hai sir kalaignar etukala pls cod nemper

  36. I am not able to receive zee tamil channel signal even after frequency. I am getting all other channels but not zee tamil.Please help me

  37. Dear all… Pls slightly change the dish antenna’s orientation after changing the frequency .. U can get zee tamizh in mpeg 2 set top box.

  38. Dear all… For receiving zee tamizh, after changing the frequency… The dish antenna orientation should be slightly modified… Then only u can receive the signals.

    1. Thanks Sivagami for the help.. 🙂

  39. Dear Satish,
    I am able to tune in all the channels of Dish Tv ,but I am could not get the signal for zee Tamil channel either as per the above new frequency details as provided by you nor with the old frequency. I tried a lot several times but I am able to see all other channels except Zee Tamil which shows NO SIGNAL. I am using a Yuri receiver MPEG2. Can you guide me to find the way out to receive the Zee Tamil. Expecting ur reply.

    1. Dear Selvavinayak,

      Zee Tamizh is available in New Frequency 12595, Vertical, 43200 which is mentioned in the post above. I am posting the latest Frequency details below for your reference.

      Frequency: 12595.495 Mhz
      Symbol rate: 43200 KS
      Polarization: Vertical
      Spectrum: Inverted
      Standard/Modulation: DVB-S/QPSK
      FEC: 7/8
      RollOff: 0.35
      RF-Level: -48 dBm
      Signal/Noise: 13.4 dB
      Carrier width: 58.321 Mhz
      BitRate: 69.672 Mbit/s

      1. Thanks to satish & sacti sivagami. After changing the orientation of as suggested by sivagami, now I am receiving zee Tamil channel. Thanks to both of you.

        1. Good to hear that you got Zee Tamizh..

          I request other DD Free Dish users also try the same, if you are not getting the signal.

          1. I did not get signal please give current frequency sir

        2. Dear selvavinayak,
          Tell me how you got zee tamil.I am not getting the channel. Please reply me soon


    1. o a pagal ho giya tu .kiyu remove karan ..tu na vekh …

  41. Mr sathish zee tamil is not present in this frequency plz help

    1. It is available in the new Frequency which is mentioned in the post.

      12595, V, 43200

      1. Sathees sir pls ztamil not signal pls frequnce no

  42. Add music chennal

  43. Good i want any more news or musical channel


    1. The Symbol Rate of the TP 12595, Vertical is changed from 40700 to 43000.

      To get Zee Tamizh you have to re-tune your set top box with the Frequency 12595, Vertical, 43200.

      1. Z tamil new direction

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