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Complete list of Urdu channels available in DD Direct Plus

About DD Urdu: DD Urdu came into existence on 15 August 2006 following a Governmental commitment in the Parliament made in response to the unstarred question No. 2026 regarding launch of Urdu Channel.

The language Channel, as it exists today, is on air for 24 hours from 14th November 2007, encapsulating heritage, culture, literature, information, education & societal issues specific to the target audience. Its mandate, inter-alia, is to re-popularize the idiom, the syntax and the lingual behaviour purported to have gone into oblivion over the years.

The theme that predominantly runs through the transmission relates to modernizing educational and Social out-look of the target audience, document & show comparative study of Societies in the South-Asian neighbourhood to draw lines of demarkation between democratic & non-democratic social structures, popularizing science, technology, IT and demystifying Science, conserving literary & cultural traditions identified with Urdu, Portrayal of Urdu as one of the modern Indian languages having played an inspiratory role in freedom struggle, a cementing force between regions separated by languages which is apart from propagating & popularizing Indian point of view about certain contentious issues.

Downlink parameters of DD Urdu on DD Direct Plus DTH on INSAT-4B at 93.5º East.

Frequency Polarisation Symbol Rate FEC Video PID Audio PID PCR PID
11570 Vertical 27500 3/4 555 655 555


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  1. No sound in DD URDU. the volume is very very less in compare to other DD channels. Please look at it.

  2. No sound in DD URDE. the volume is very very less in compare to other DD channels. Please look at it.

  3. Islamic chenalas zee salam dikha yo piss

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