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Complete list of Religious channels available in DD Direct Plus

About Aastha TV: INDIA, BHARAT, is known world-wide as the highest seat of spiritualism, the source of all wisdom, the home of all knowledge, focusing on the elevation and awakening of the soul, the enhancement of the power within us.

Our existence comprises of a combination of the Panchtatva of nature: the sky- the soul, the wind- our breathing, the water- body liquids, the fire- our temper, sometimes cool, at times raging, and the earth- our body. The creation of harmony of the body and soul, by balancing these elements within us and around us, can be achieved only with understanding of spiritualism- by arousing the immense power within, for peace and tranquility of the mind and soul, to rise way beyond material existence.

AASTHA vividly portrays this strong heritage of India, for the upliftment of Human life in all its spheres.

Evolutionary Indian philosophy and culture in all spheres of life has substantially contributed to take mankind where it is today- and when the world is becoming compact, horizons of knowledge expanding, and Indians all over the world contributing their worthy mite in this revolutionary evolution; AASTHA aims at exposing and reminding people all over the world and more particularly the new generation of our strong roots to further reinforce our mettle.

AASTHA’s chaste blissful viewing vividly portrays India’s strong heritage, which has sustained and outlived various onslaughts while emerging stronger.

Aastha Television Channel is India’s No. 1 Socio-Spiritual-Cultural Network, reaching over 30 million households, with more than 200 million viewers! Aastha caters to the vast Asian Indian populace worldwide – people who place socio-spiritual-cultural values above everything else. Aastha broadcasts programming in Hindi, Gujarati and English and contributes to the goal of satisfying the deep spiritual needs from the vast community of Indian people worldwide.

Downlink parameters of Aastha TV on DD Direct Plus DTH on INSAT-4B at 93.5º East.

Frequency Polarisation Symbol Rate FEC Video PID Audio PID PCR PID
11150 Vertical 27500 3/4 536 636 536

About Mh1 Shraddha: Shraddha MH One is a 24 hour devotional channel owned by M.H.One TV Network Limited.

Downlink parameters of Mh1 Shraddha on DD Direct Plus DTH on INSAT-4B at 93.5º East.

Frequency Polarisation Symbol Rate FEC Video PID Audio PID PCR PID
11150 Vertical 27500 3/4 538 638 538

About Zee Jagran: Zee Jagran, launched on January 2004, was Zee Telefilms Limited’s foray into the spiritual and religious entertainment genre, aimed at awakening people to realize the spiritual aspects in their life and hence enriching lives. A 24 hour socio-spiritual offering, Zee Jagran was born amidst strong branding, wide accessibility and powerful infrastructure and global transmission, with content creation standards that put the channel above any other channel in this genre.

In the current time, the perceived notion about any religion is more like an inflexible, disciplined doctrine with stringent rules and regulations. On the other hand spirituality globally has been experienced as a free flowing fragrance that allows the flexibility and freedom to get to know ourselves and the environment around us and unite the whole of mankind.

The socio-economic environment has led to a change in various aspects of the lives of people today:

  • Depleting value system
  • Eroding cultural values and ethos
  • High stress
  • Unattended mind, body and soul rejuvenation

There is a need for a platform that attempts to tackle the issues mentioned above, that showcases and presents ‘damage control’ elements, while it enriches lives.

Downlink parameters of Zee Jagran on DD Direct Plus DTH on INSAT-4B at 93.5º East.

Frequency Polarisation Symbol Rate FEC Video PID Audio PID PCR PID
11150 Vertical 27500 3/4 540 640 540


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  1. Niranjan ji you’re right om shanti thanks

  2. I want to hack zee jagran on dd direct plus. please help…..

  3. God’s greatest gift: Peace of Mind TV Channel

    We are all daily seekers of inner peace, joy and happiness. There are times when we do enjoy inner peace for days together, but it gets shattered again and again. We tend to look for new solutions and the elite, the educated as well as common masses do pursue the most modern yet temporary methods available. However, even then our prayers ask for peace of mind every morning and before retiring for the day. Well, they say the voice of the people does reach God and He listens. He responds and bestows answers to our honest prayers from the heart. The latest boon or greatest gift from God has come in the form of the new ‘Peace of Mind’ TV Channel 24×7.

    This TV Channel totally dedicated to the cause of re-establishing moral and spiritual values, and bestowing peace of mind to the maximum number of people, who are genuinely searching for inner peace and happiness

    Over the centuries, we were told that ego, anger, greed, attachment etc are the worst enemies of human beings, and need to be subdued and conquered completely to be able to enjoy peace of mind. This simple fact has been accepted by the Founding Fathers of all religions and their respective followers. However, we still find an ever-growing downfall of human values and morality. While scanning the local media at any point in time, we are bombarded with scandalous news items of degrading standards. Even youngsters are aware of the latest figures on crime graphs. With present day media acting as eye opener for one and all, the necessity of offering “Positive Food for Thought” was felt strongly. The Brahma Kumaris have taken to this initiative in many ways, the latest one being launching of a TV Channel exclusively dedicated to the cause of inner awakening and strengthening the moral fibre of society.

    The programmes planned for the 24×7 Channel on Cable network will be offered in all major languages (English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu) to read Direct-To-Home (DTH) in Bharat and many parts of the world. It’s a wonderful schedule designed by the Peace of Mind team. They have kept the aim of bringing benefit to all sections of society by exposing the vast richness of our ancient wisdom, cultural programmes, health guidelines, intellectual discussions, discourses and meditation techniques. This would catalyse the process of spiritual renaissance, re-empowerment and re-establishment of peace within and peace in the world. Won’t it prove to be the greatest gift from God for the entire humankind? When this dream becomes a reality, human

  4. ashok kumar vashisth

    i like dd direct plus but these days i am hopeless because sanskar tv has been removed from it.you are requested to add it again. thanks…!

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