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Doordarshan will conduct 29th Online e-auction for Vacant DTH slots on DD Free Dish on 11th August, 2016

Doordarshan will conduct 29th online e-auction for filling up of DTH Slot for the DTH Service of Doordarshan “DD Free Dish” on 11th August, 2016 (Thursday). Interested Private Channels are requested to submit their applications alongwith requisite documents and demand drafts on or before 11th August, 2016 (Thursday) latest by 12.00 P.M. for participation in […]

DD Free Dish not to have reserved slots for regional channels in 27th e-auction

MUMBAI: In the next round of e-auction, pubcaster Doordarshan’s free DTH platform Freedish will not have any reserved slots for regional-language channels. “In the 27th e-auction, we have no reserved slots for regional channels,” a senior DD official told In the 26th e-auction, DD Freedish had for the first time reserved slots for regional […]

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