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DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

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Enjoy Subhavaartha TV channel FTA from Dish TV on your DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)


Good news for DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) users, now you can enjoy Subhavaartha TV channel which is temporarily FTA from Dish TV on your DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

Subhavaartha TV is a Telugu Christian channel.

It is available in MPEG-2 format on Frequency – 12110, H, 40700.

The technical details of Subhavaartha TV channel is as below.

For LNB Frequency 10600, use the below details.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
12110 Horizontal 40700 ON

For LNB Frequency 5150, use the below details.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
3640 Horizontal 40700 ON



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