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DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

India's Only Free Direct-To-Home Service / Find all the Latest News, Updates, Channels List of DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).


DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) using PolyCipher (NGNA, LLC) encryption for its MPEG-4 encrypted channels


DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) using PolyCipher (NGNA, LLC) encryption for its MPEG-4 encrypted channels on GSAT-15 at 93.5° East.

The encrypted MPEG-4 channels will be available on Frequency – 11630, Vertical, 30000, DVB-S2, 8PSK.



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  1. Kya matlab sir.
    Kuch samaj me ni aya.

    1. They are going to encrypt the MPEG-4 channels. To watch those encrypted channels you have to buy STB from the Doordarshan Authorized dealers.

      1. hi sir .can i watch pay channels like suntv ,ktv………….etc
        11030 V
        tp 14

        MPEG-4 channels STB

      2. I have recently purchased Solid 9048 MPEG 4 settop box. but it is showing encrypted signal,not showing content. How can i see it? Plz. elaborate more about it.

      3. Please Name some Doordarshan Authorized dealers for HD STB.

  2. Discovery channel aad kar do sir g or zee cinema or ten sport aad kar do sir g

    1. DD free dish ka set of box kha SE melga sir g or 600 channel kab aaye ge DD free dish par

  3. Br Satish you may clarify that by using mpeg 4 stb of any brand one can watch encrypt channel as other fta channel.

  4. ( this may not be official set top box but we can get some idea how DD STB would be).

  5. sir pls add atleast one tamil news channel at free dth because in free dth availablity of tamil news channel become null in the other regions like hindi there are lot of news,music,movie,channel become added by dd free dish day by day and my question why you dont concentrate on tamil language so kindly add atleast one tamil news channel

  6. Sir ek HBO Hits channel chala do please

  7. Aur Sir ek cartoon animation channel Sonic chala do please

  8. Or ek 9xO channel add ho jayega sir

  9. Please Add some Bengali channel’s.

  10. please add travel xp channel in did direct plus or abs or dish TV FTA channel

  11. yeh jo desplay kaunsi setup box par mohzud hai

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