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X-Zone channel added on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)


Good news for DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus) users, X-Zone channel added on Doordarshan Free Dish DTH Platform. X-Zone channel is available on DD Free Dish on channel no.78. X-Zone channel has replaced TV Test 514 channel slot on Frequency – 11550, V, 29500 and is added in MPEG-2 format.

X-Zone is a Indian Music television channel.

The technical details of X-Zone channel is as below.

For LNB Frequency 9750, use the below details to tune.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
11550 Vertical 29500 OFF

For LNB Frequency 5150, use the below details to tune.

Frequency Polarity Symbol Rate 22K
3350 Vertical 29500 OFF



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  1. sir pls add atleast one tamil news channel at free dth because in free dth availablity of tamil news channel become null so kindly add atleast one tamil news channel

  2. vignesh bro we can watch more than 7 tamil channels, you must be doing something wrong…check you entina…

  3. Excellent, Well Done DD !!

    40% Hindi speaking population gets 100% additional channel
    60% Regional language speaking population gets Nothing(0% additional channel).

    DD is biased and favors only Hindi. DD completely discriminates,neglect and ignore Regional channel like Assami,Bengali,Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam,Gujarati.etc

    This is BIG injustice to regional languages.

    1. Iam too south indian i agree wt u

  4. plese add 2-2news chaneel gujrat, harinaya,jammu-kasmir,

  5. Sir , No signal problem is occurring many time in a day. How can I resolve this.

  6. 16 gujarati educational channels added vande gujarati1………….16
    on dd fd

  7. Uday Hossain Molla

    Sir,plz,Add some bengali channel

  8. Sir star gold romance to aa nahi raha

  9. Good news for dd fd that rishtey cineplex launching on 28 march and star gold romance will be add 14 april in dd fd.So enjoy two new chennel.

    1. pradeep kumar sahu

      Sir plz add a discovery channel.

  10. “Rishtey Cineplex” New Movies Channel Of Colors…
    Add on DD Free Dish…Replace Test 512

  11. Please add Marathi channel and some share market related channel.

  12. 9 Gujarati new chanal add on dd free dish

  13. plz add one english movie channel on dd free dish like HBO.

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