For example, cause serious damage to health by pesticides. The difficulty is that the water from pesticides are generally low, making it difficult to determine, but even in small concentrations, have a negative effect on the human body. But dangerous heavy metals in particular - cadmium, copper, arsenic, tin, mercury, lead, chromium and zinc. These metal ions are water-soluble. And thus penetrate the body, inhibit the enzyme, resulting in severe neurological damage. For example, lead poisoning promote the development of mental retardation, kektra best site and typical effects of mercury poisoning in the form of mental abnormalities and birth defects. All of these "wonders of the pyramid" is highly dependent not only on the size, but also materials that contain a pyramid. SHUNGIT pyramid stronger positive effect, and the radius of which exceeds the limits of the impact of the pyramid of jade, quartz, lapis lazuli and other stones. Pyramid SHUNGIT can create a halo activated, and the radius of which is greater than 5 meters., In addition to the development of varicose veins (hemorrhoids) of the rectum. natuzhiva-NII is that the increase of the pressure in the veins of the pelvis during defecation, rectal or a Namidachitsu nodes can varicose veins. Bleeding appears. But may permanent loss of a small amount of blood to women of anemia, will indirectly affect the development of the fetus. Almonds are common - tree 2-6 meters from this height, it has grown in the Crimea, the Caucasus, take synthroid a look at the site here Central Asia, and from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to the south. Fruits of almonds - almond. This is a large scale brown seed and stone fruit. Almond seeds, 62% fatty oil, protein substances, including glycosides, vitamin B2. Take the almond oil from the seed almond. Almond oil locally used to remove the "spider veins". Almond oil, are produced by an industrial process. The drug, twice a day (morning and evening before bedtime) are on the damaged area of ​​skin.

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Big Magic channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)


Big Magic channel removed from DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

Big Magic channel is replaced with Zee Sangam.

Big Magic channel is removed from channel no.53.

Big Magic channel is removed from 11570, V, 28500.

* Updated *
1) ZEE SANGAM () 11570, V, 28500 Channel Name(“Big Magic”=>”ZEE SANGAM”)



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  1. Plz big magic chennal fir se aad kr do,we all like big magic chennal

    1. Big Magic fir se add hoga DD Free Dish par on 13 December 2015 on channel no.49.

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