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DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)

India's Only Free Direct-To-Home Service / Find all the Latest News, Updates, Channels List of DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).


Frequency 11570 now on new Symbol Rate 28500 on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus)


Frequency 11570 now on new Symbol Rate 28500 on DD Free Dish (DD Direct Plus).

Below are the channels available on Frequency 11570, Vertical, 28500, 3/4.

Scanning 11570 V 28500… 76%
– 9XM (TV)
– France 24 (TV)
– Big Magic (TV)
– Star Utsav (TV)
– Zee Anmol (TV)
– Sony Mix (TV)
– B4U Music (TV)
– DD Rajasthan (TV)
– DW TV (TV)
– NEWS 24 (TV)
– ABP (TV)
– AIR Ragam (Radio)
– FM Rainbow BLore (Radio)
– Air Urdu (Radio)
– Air Oriya (Radio)
– AIR Malayalam (Radio)
– AIR Assamese (Radio)
[Scanned in 00:02]

Video Channels: 16
Radio Channels: 6
Data Channels: 0
Total: 22


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  1. Sir in my set up box there is no option for TP.How I can change the new frequency plz tell m..No channel increases by auto scsn

    1. I have same problem…

  2. Only 3 tv new channel add

    1. We request u sir pls give us an english news channel.

  3. yemen tv nai aaraha

  4. 1. Zee Tv
    2. Star Plus
    3. Zee Chinema
    4. Star Gold
    5. Star Cricket
    Ko Add kare plz ish ke bina ( DD Free Dish ) Adhura hai.
    To plz Add Top 5 chainnal Modi sir….

  5. Sir ,
    Mpeg2 me starsports add kerr do

  6. Sir kuch acha channel add kijaya na new channel add kijaya jaisa sony chaha cartoon channel

  7. Sir ager channel new add karne thy to cricket ka j panjabi film,song, news ke add karte

  8. Please add private music channels and news channels

  9. pla add one business chnl.

  10. dear sir,
    when I press menu I see the
    list below:
    Tv channel list
    Radio channel list
    program setup
    Edit program
    System setup
    which one should I select. please
    inform me with full detail..on my mail address …

  11. 6 channel add hua hai par sab blank hai kuch bhi nhi araha hai koi bata ega channel kaise ayenge

  12. क्या भेदभाव है
    अभी भी तानाशाही
    राजस्थान से नफरत है क्या
    सभी राज्य से
    बहुत सारे चेनल है पर
    पर राजस्थान से
    dd राजस्थान के आलावा क्यों नही
    हमे आप से यही आशा
    की जल्द राजस्थान का भी चेनल देखने को मिले

  13. rajasthan ka Bhims chenal add kijiye

  14. rajasthan ka Bhi chenal add kijiye

  15. Sir, add plz punjabi chennels…..

  16. new 5 channal kya h

  17. Modi ji
    plaz kam sai kam tv chanles mai 200 aur radio mai 500 add karne
    ZEE TV

  18. Any Discovery Channel

    ek koi sa bhi discovery channel.

  19. sir pls. Sony max2 add karo.

  20. dear sir
    sabhi state ka channel h jaisi dd bihar dd up dd rajsthan dd mp etc………… lakin dd jharkhand kab tak hoga ya muft ka aise h dekhane ko milega

  21. koi or badiya entertainment ka badiya channel jodiye

  22. Sir koi cartoon wala chanal bhi add karo

  23. Sir in my set up box there is no option for
    TP.How I can change the new frequency plz tell
    m..No channel increases by auto scsn

  24. AGR aap moi Hollywood movie ka koi channel’s to hamare Sab ke liye good hoga

  25. Abhay Kumar PAndey

    I am living in Kathmandu. After I changed the Parameters(new) to receive DD Plus but TP 11570 is never received. All Three Tps are well received except TP 11570 Pl. Suggest

  26. sir plz dd free dish m 500 channal add kro na

  27. 11750 Frequency with 28500 TF, Weak Signal from 3 weeks. Rest more than 70% signal on 10990. What’s the problem with DD Direct Plus. They won’t even pick up phones. How to solve it? What settings need to be done to get signals.

  28. please move any two CHs elsewhere and replace them by Shop CJ and Big Magic.
    these CHs have to be moved from CH no. 1 to CH no. 60.
    Thank you

  29. star utsav ko kam singnal me add kijiye and dhmaal zing tv chainal ko 22k on karne par bhi chainal nhi khulta hai koi upay btaye pleace dear sir

  30. nepali channel kantipur on dd direct plus

  31. Please star plus add

  32. bhojpuri mahuaa chennal add kro jaldi

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