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Disha channel added on DD Direct Plus


Today, DD Direct Plus added Disha channel to its channel lineup by replacing Sanskar channel. Disha is a 24-hour socio – spiritual and cultural channel owned by Disha Media Pvt Ltd. Disha TV is empowering, positive, entertainment focusing on a wide range of motivational entertainment that includes the entertainment talk show format, spiritual content, drama, movies, comedy, animation, documentaries, independent films, providing a positive view of ourselves and the world we live in to our youth, communities, families and the world through our television programs, productions, websites, writing, lyrics film, music, images, advertising, media, concepts, ideas, consciousness, new mind blowing techniques, new technology and our outreach mission movement.

The technical details of the channel.

Satellite: Insat 4B at 93.5° East.
Frequency: 10990
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 3/4
Compression: MPEG2/SD
Resolution: 576i
Encryption: FTA
Video-PID: 514
Audio-PID: 614
PCR-PID: 514

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